Manual Winter
Pool Cover Installation

Protect Your Pool This Winter with a Solid or Mesh Safety Cover

Mesh & Solid Safety Covers (not automatic)

Covermatic offers a selection of Mesh and Solid Safety Covers to protect children and pets while securing and preserving your pool. Designed and manufactured with safety as the priority, safety covers create a protective barrier that keeps everything out of your pool, including the elements and unwanted fauna. A safety cover will preserve your pool for years and allow you to start your swim season sooner when you can open your pool with minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Whether you opt for a solid or mesh safety cover, you can trust that both options offer great protection for your pool during the colder winter months when it’s not in use.

As an authorized distributor of Coverstar® by Latham®, Covermatic brings you Latham’s renowned brands, featuring mesh covers designed for optimal drainage and solid covers that completely block sunlight, available in various material weights and colors. Each cover can be tailored precisely to fit your pool’s unique size and shape, accommodating special features like raised walls, diving boards, stairs, and rails.

No matter your preference, investing in a quality safety cover is a key step in maintaining a clean and secure pool environment throughout the winter.


Key Features of Solid & Mesh Safety Covers:

  • Custom Heavy Duty Hardware
    Strength in Seams – Ensuring Longevity
  • Coping Anti-Rub Strips
  • Reduced Deck Mount
  • Invis-A-Drain
  • Double Decker Edge
  • Built to Last with Box Stitch Technology 

Solid Winter Swimming Pool Safety Covers

When it comes to winter swimming pool safety, solid covers are an excellent choice. These heavy-duty covers effectively block 100% of sunlight, preventing algae growth and keeping your pool pristine during the colder months. Solid covers are known for their durability and ability to provide robust protection against debris, ensuring your pool remains safe and clean even during extended periods of non-use. Investing in a solid safety cover is a smart decision to minimize cleaning and maintenance efforts when you reopen your pool.

Green safety pool cover for winter
Mesh safety pool cover

Mesh Winter Swimming Pool Safety Covers

For a lighter alternative with exceptional protection, mesh pool safety covers are the way to go. Designed to allow water to drain through the material, these covers effectively safeguard your pool from debris during the winter season. Mesh covers provide reliable winter protection while offering the advantage of being easier to handle due to their lightweight nature. Choosing a mesh safety cover is a practical solution to reduce cleaning and maintenance tasks when preparing your pool for use after a period of inactivity.

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