Automatic Pool Cover Installation

Transform Your Pool Today!

Unleash the ease and beauty of automatic pool cover installation with Covermatic! Explore solid and mesh safety cover options, personalize with your choice of designs and colors, and enjoy a system designed for your unique pool (fiberglass, vinyl, gunite – any shape or size). Our sleek, low-profile covers integrate seamlessly, while our experts ensure a smooth installation for worry-free enjoyment.

Experience Everyday Protection For Your Family…
At The Touch Of A Button!

Simply flip a switch, and your automatic safety cover will create a barrier over your pool that no child or pet can penetrate. Covers are custom-built to fit your pool perfectly and manufactured from best-in-class materials. Covermatic offers the best protection available for your family and your pool investment!

Just Flip The Switch

The weather-proof toggle switch opens or closes your pool in less than a minute. And it locks for secure access! Option touchpad control switches are also available. These options include a standard touchpad, a touchpad with wifi, and a wireless touchpad.

Save On Heat, Water, Electricity & Chemicals

A Covermatic-installed automatic pool cover acts as a passive solar heater, increasing the temperature of your water by 8 to 10 degrees. It also reduces the evaporation of water as well as the consumption of chemicals.

Less Time Cleaning… More Time Enjoying!

An automatic cover keeps dirt and debris out of your pool. Time spent cleaning dirt and leaves and putting in new chemicals is almost eliminated! 

New Pool Construction

We will work with you and your pool builder to determine the best possible design for your new pool construction. From fabric colors to tracks, our ASTM-rated automatic safety covers are fully customizable to match the style and design of your outdoor or indoor space.

Existing Inground Pool

Existing pools can be covered using deck-mounted tracks to guide the automatic pool cover. The mechanism can either be housed on top of the deck or recessed below the deck if the construction allows for it.

Auto Pool Cover Options

  • Under Guide System: Under Guide systems are embedded in the pool wall or mounted to the bottom side of rectangular pools’ coping, allowing the tracks to remain virtually unnoticed. Undertracks are installed during the construction of your pool or require the existing pool area to be completely renovated. For an even more integrated look, the track can be built directly into the pool wall using track encapsulation.
  • Recessed Guide System: Recessed Guide systems can be used to cover most freeform pool shapes. The cover’s tracks are built into the deck area during the pool construction or an existing pool renovation. The cover’s drive system can be installed under an aluminum lid that is flush with the deck or mounted to the surface of the deck of an existing pool.
  • Top Guide System: Existing pools and freeform pools can be covered using Top Guide systems to guide the automatic pool cover. The cover’s tracks are mounted directly to the pool deck with no need to disturb the pool deck’s original construction. The cover’s drive system can either be recessed below the deck if construction allows or in a housing bench that is mounted on top of the pool deck.

Covermatic is a licensed distributor of Coverstar® by Latham®. 


Explore Pool Cover Options

Customize your new automatic pool cover. Choose the color, switch options, and tracks. View more custom options for your new Coverstar Swimming Pool Covers.

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